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Grateful for Radishes!


I am grateful for radishes.  My hubby and daughter planted tons of seeds about 3-4 weeks ago and we already have radishes, yum!  It is great to be rewarded with veggies so quickly.  Other plants are growing well too including lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas.  It is so gratifying to already be harvesting even though it's not much.  I love that my little gal can see where her food comes from.  Salad season is kicking into gear!

Are you growing any fruits/veggies in your garden?

Grateful for Earth Day!

I am grateful for Earth Day.  It is good to step back and appreciate our planet and it's environment.  Here are some of the things our family is doing today:

  • Walking to and from school
  • Hubby taking bus to/from work
  • Stirring compost pile
  • Sorting plastic for recycling
  • Planting more veggies (yum!)
Are you doing anything special for Earth Day?