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Grateful for Radishes!


I am grateful for radishes.  My hubby and daughter planted tons of seeds about 3-4 weeks ago and we already have radishes, yum!  It is great to be rewarded with veggies so quickly.  Other plants are growing well too including lettuce, spinach and sugar snap peas.  It is so gratifying to already be harvesting even though it's not much.  I love that my little gal can see where her food comes from.  Salad season is kicking into gear!

Are you growing any fruits/veggies in your garden?

Grateful for Earth Day!

I am grateful for Earth Day.  It is good to step back and appreciate our planet and it's environment.  Here are some of the things our family is doing today:

  • Walking to and from school
  • Hubby taking bus to/from work
  • Stirring compost pile
  • Sorting plastic for recycling
  • Planting more veggies (yum!)
Are you doing anything special for Earth Day?

Grateful for eggs!

I am grateful for eggs!  My daughter is one of those picky eaters.  My biggest concern is that she won't really eat meat (other than sandwich meat).  I am so glad that she loves eggs.  It's just about the only way I can get protein in her.  She will eat them scrambled, over easy, in an egg casserole, cooked in a quiche... you get the idea.  Now I just have to start sneaking more veggies in somehow.

What are you grateful for?

Grateful for Public Libraries!

I absolutely love public libraries. I am also grateful to have an amazing children's librarian at my local branch. The other day I took my four year old in and we asked her about joke books. My daughter walked out with two great ones and we've been reading jokes daily ever since.

Today we also used the library's pass to the local children's museum. We had a fabulous morning. It usually takes a few months to get the pass after you put a hold on it but it's so worth the wait! The other thing to keep in mind is that the pass can only be checked out for three days.

My daughter loves to play games on their computers + checks out books, DVDs and audio books every week. I usually just get books for myself. Love it! I am grateful to have such a fabulous resource in the neighborhood!

Grateful for cake!

I just heard that today is National Chocolate Cake Day, who knew! Well, I am grateful to have found that out. It's a beautiful day and I was thinking about surprising my daughter and hubby with something. Now I know just what to do - bake a chocolate cake! I'm off to the kitchen....

Grateful for flowers

Ah, there are some signs of Spring around here! On the way home from school, my daughter and I walked by some Snowbells and Crocus which were blooming. It made us so very happy. The Amaryllis on my kitchen counter finally opened up too - it's a lovely salmon color. Love it!

Grateful for friends

I just had lunch with a dear friend. I am so grateful to have fun, thoughtful and supportive friends!

Grateful again!

What a fabulous day. It was clear and dry so my little one and I went for a bike ride. It was so fun! She rode for about an hour and half and giggled most of the way. Up hills, down hills, all around town. I am grateful to have been able to spend such a special day with my daughter! She is already talking about trying to drop the training wheels. This summer is going to be so fun!

Feeling grateful today!

Wow, it sure is windy and cold out there! I am so glad to have a warm, comfortable home to snuggle up in. Speaking of snuggling in, I'm about to crawl over to the couch to read some stories with my little gal! I am also grateful that she likes to snuggle under the blanket and read stories. It's a great way to end the day.


I am so grateful to have a handy hubby! He has done so much work on our house. I always know that he can fix whatever is wrong!