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Grateful for eggs!


I am grateful for eggs!  My daughter is one of those picky eaters.  My biggest concern is that she won't really eat meat (other than sandwich meat).  I am so glad that she loves eggs.  It's just about the only way I can get protein in her.  She will eat them scrambled, over easy, in an egg casserole, cooked in a quiche... you get the idea.  Now I just have to start sneaking more veggies in somehow.

What are you grateful for?

4 comments to Grateful for eggs!:

Ashley ✯closetoftreasures.blogspot.com✯ said...

I'm a follower of your blog & Would love if you could follow my blog back, Closet of Free Samples


Hope to see you there!

Angie said...

Following you back from Friday Follow!

My 4 yr old suddenly loves eggs too - mainly scrambled - but he only will eat brown eggs, so now I buy brown eggs! LOL

Qtpies7 said...

My kids are not keen on eggs, not sure why. But I too have to sneak veggies in. I have started working on pureeing veggies and hiding them in food. It actually is pretty good! I put cauliflower in mashed potatoes, and my 14 yo son copied me and made them that way, too when it was his turn to cook!

Molomatic said...

Thanks for the veggie tips Qtpies7!